Shapes, real or imagined.

“What we see and enjoy is dependent on our expectations.”

(The following has been pieced together from several different conversations, and re-sequenced.  2004 ) 
What do you say to those who suggest that your work is neither photography nor Painting?
I used a camera to record the images; I later manipulated them by hand into their final form. I think they are more than photographs. I concede that I don’t actually use paint anymore and the artwork remains in the digital domain until it is turned into giclée prints. So perhaps they are half right. Does it matter?
If a body of work falls outside well known categories it sometimes becomes invisible. 
You are right. What we see and enjoy is dependent on our expectations. If there are no expectations how can they be surpassed? – Or let down? Just because it is not easy to define does not diminish its value. Usually it means that there is a lot less similar work about. But I like were I am, not being easily classifiable is an interesting state or place to be in. I’m making images I want to see, not what the critics would like to see. Let them make those images.
Is all your work photography based?
Yes mostly. I take a lot of photos and some of them end up as the images you see. But I must emphasise, they are not photographs when I finish with them.
I take photographs but I’m not a photographer. I see myself as a painter, yet I don’t use paint.
Why don’t you use paint anymore?
A lot of photographers don’t use conventional film anymore either. Right now digital painting is the best tool to explore what I’m doing.
Do you think your work is any good?
Why do you think that question is worth asking me?
I’ve had several assessments of my work quite recently. Some have not got it, some have actually hated it, some have been interested and others have really liked it. What do I conclude from this unscientific observation? Not much. Only that peoples opinions vary dramatically and that there is no consensus. This is exactly right for original work. Work that has not proved itself yet.
We are all in the business of shapes, real or imagined. The question is does it mean anything?
There is another questions I ask myself; is explaining the physical creation pointless?
I still don’t know the answer to that but perhaps sometimes just having fun with pixels can be an end in itself.